The whole bundle in North America.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword releases on November 20th.


The game begins with Link living on Skyloft and having a dream.What happens in the dream is unknown, but all we know is that it was a nightmare.Link is then woken up by Zelda

Link from Skyward Sword

's Loftwing.It gives him a letter that tells him that she wants to meet him in two days at the Goddess Statue (it's just what we call it for now, the full name will be found out and we will rename the page).Link accepts the so called "date".After he wakes up he goes to flight school and there today is the He sees Zelda playing a harp.Most presumably the Goddess Harp.The goddess harp is the only way to communicate with the goddess.She appears to be playing the Goddess Song.She stops,turns around, and gives Link the harp.We do not know what happens after that, but we do know what will happen after Link does something with the harp.They go up the statue.