The Temple of Time is the temple of the time machine which could control time itself.


To get to this area you need to go through the Lanyru Mining Facility.When you reach here the cutscene from the Harp Trailer begins.Link walks in peacefully.Zelda rushes to Link when she sees him.The Ghirahim comes in and messes up everything.Ghirahim rushes to destroy Impa, when Impa rushes to destroy Ghirahim.Link can't do anything because of Ghirahim's demonic force ray.Impa's power is broken.Zelda then launches the Goddess Harp at Link.Link catches the harp.Link still doesn't know what to do.Impa is thrown aside by Ghirahim, then Ghirahim takes Zelda with him to awaken his master.Ghirahim then rushes off with Zelda.The demonic force ray breaks.Link then rushes in to see the damage that was done to Impa.Impa teaches another song to Link.The name of the song is unknown.Impa says she can't protect Zelda anymore,she doesn't have the power or strength anymore.Impa says she will recover and that Link must save her from the power of the Demise.