Silent Realm

A view of Faron Woods in it's Siren Realm form.

The Siren Realm is a location that can be entered anywhere in Skyward Sword.


To enter the Siren/Silent,Link needs to embed is sword into the ground.What he basically needs to do is push his sword into the ground like when he puts his sword into the pedestal in Ocarina of Time.When doing this, the whole world changes color.It becomes a dim world.Link is now swordless.He has no weapons in hand.Now Link must collect the Tears of Farore to advance.Every tear you recieve gives you 90 more seconds until the Guardians awake.When they awake, they will continusly try to kill you.One hit from them kills you.There are also many hazards that awake the Guardians such as the spotlights that keep searching for you.What happens after all the tears are collected is unknown.It might open a path way to a temple because in one video Link is in the Siren Realm and he is in front of Skyview Temple.