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Faron Woods is a location in the game.It is mostly covered with forest.It also is home to Skyview Temple.


Faron Woods is a where treeish area.When you first come to Faron Woods you meet Bucha, a leader of the tribe of Kikwi that live there.Bucha tells you to find all the



hiding Kikwi and he will give you a prize.The prize is a slingshot .The Kikwi are easy and hard to spot.You can use dowsing to easily find them.They are on trees,in bushes,and some are in plain sight.After you find all the Kikwi and recieve the prize, you battle through the forest and then when you are at the entrance of Skyview Temple you enter the Silent Realm all of a sudden.This is Link's first time in the Realm.He needs to collect 9 tear like objects.After you do so a cutscene happens.You then come back to the regular realm (that's what I call it) and have to find a way into Skywiew Temple.After exiting Skyview Temple after the fight with Ghiriam you find you self in a deep crater.You have to fight the a black creature that somewhat looks like the thing that sucked Zelda down, but it's not.You vanquish the creature by slicing it's toenails.After you slice all the toenails the creature dies and you recieve a piece of heart.What happens after this is unknown.thumb|340px|right