Batreaux is a bat-like friendly demon that lives on Skyloft.


Batreaux is a friendly demon.He has large bat-like wings.He has a large screech also.Batreaux becomes friends with Link after Link realises that Batreaux is just a friendly coward even though he looks like a scary demon.Batreaux's other friend is Kukiel.


In the game,if you choose to wake up at night and go exploring on Skyloft you can go to other houses.If you go in to the old looking house you will find Batreux inside.The large creature turns around and roars with his wings expanded.Link then takes out his sword and points it at him.Then Batreaux says "Stop please I beg of you...Don't hurt me!".After doing so Batreux tells you his story of how he wishes to be human by getting Gratitude Crystals.If you give him Gratitude Crystals he will reward you with various prizes such as items used for making sheilds,upgrades,and more.